ROBBIE Cavill points to what has become a cesspool of germs and bacteria, with “a bit of everything” in the pile of trash. OB4728-01

LAST week, the rear of Opotiki’s Fresh n’ Grocers and Cavill Meats became the dumping ground for a large quantity of trash.

This included items like a TV, assorted residential trash and many used diapers – a piled breeding ground for bacteria.

Cavill Meats owner Robbie Cavill said the trash had been left there Thursday night, and he knew the owner of the trash through a bank statement that was amongst the rubbish.

He contacted the man via Facebook who claimed to be in Wellington and said someone else had dumped his trash there.

“He apparently got someone to remove this rubbish, and they decided to dump it here,” he said.

Mr Cavill said initially the Opotiki District Council would not collect the rubbish as it was located on private land, but it has since been collected by the council on Monday.

“They’re going to chase it up, we gave them the guy’s email,” he said.

The council confirmed yesterday afternoon that it had issued infringements in relation to the dumping.