AOS surround Taneatua home

STAKE-OUT: Members of the Armed Offenders Squad surround the mobile command centre before staking out the Morrison Road address. Photo Troy Baker D8470-27

The Armed Offenders Squad surrounded a house in Taneatua yesterday after a gun was allegedly presented at a woman in Whakatane.

A police media spokeswoman said police received a report at 2.40pm that someone in a passing car on McAlister Street had pointed a firearm at a woman.

The car had then driven to a Morrison Road address in Taneatua.

PLAN OF ACTION: Police appear to discuss their plan to surround the home. D8470-12

From 4.27pm police cars began to congregate at Howell Road in Taneatua and by 4.56pm eleven police cars, a mobile command centre and a large number of AOS members had gathered.

The police spokeswoman said the reports of the gun had not been substantiated at this time, but it was standard practice to deploy the AOS when there were reports of potential firearms.

Standing around the bonnets of their cars, police appeared to be forming a plan of action before suiting up and moving in convoy to surround a home on Morrison Road at 5.13pm.

The road was then blocked off at both ends.

Fifteen minutes into the stand-off several women and a dog left the house and were escorted behind police lines. The women appeared agitated and were gesturing at police.

A small crowd gathered in their pajamas to watch what was happening and the cordon was stood down nearly two hours later at 6.40pm.

The police spokeswoman said the firearm was located on on a residential property, nobody has been charged in relation to the incident and enquiries are ongoing.