80 Years of News: car struck, woman splashed with mud

The original page of the 1939 newspaper.

April 21, 1939

Car Struck at Kerb – Woman Splashed with Mud

Driving erratically in The Strand and lack of chivalry in that he splashed through puddles in Toroa Street, drenched a woman who was passing with her children and laughed when she complained, led to a charge against Gene Van Hanslaer before Mr E. L. Walton, SM, of negligent driving in The Strand on March 23, and driving in circumstances that might have been dangerous to the public.

The police said Hanslaer hit another car in The Strand and made off when chased. He denied the charge when located but later admitted it when shown his hubcap, which had been knocked off.

C. H. Christensen, cabinetmaker, said he was backing out when another car struck his vehicle in the rear. He chased the other driver but lost him. Later he got defendant’s number and reported him to the police.

Defendant was driving in an erratic manner and in witness’s opinion was the worse for liquor. He was aggressive.

Defendant was fined five pounds and costs.

On the other charge the police said a Mrs Watere and her children were walking down Toroa Street. Defendant ran into puddles on the wrong side of the road and splashed her with water, ruining her frock. Later she spoke to the driver and he laughed at her and told her to tell the police.

The police said there was plenty of room on the road and the defendant was fined three pounds with costs.