Youth Voice – Is Momo really a threat?


IF you have not heard of the horrifying “Momo”, otherwise known as “Mother Bird” then you need to get out of that rock you’ve been living under!

The terrifying image of this sculpture has been circulating the web for at least the past two months. It has appeared on a variety of social media outlets such as Facebook, WhatsApp and even YouTube Kids videos and is said to be disguised as an advertisement. The questions on everyone’s minds are – where did it come from? And does it pose a real threat?

There have been speculations around the origin of this disturbing creature with some claiming that it was first posted, and created by, either of these Instagram users; “barbierena” or “nanaakooo”.

In spite of that, Momo is actually a sculpture, crafted by the Japanese horror effects artist Keisuke Aiso.

“About ‘Mother Bird’, I made it about three years ago to have it exhibited at a gallery,” Mr Aiso said in an interview with The Sun.

Mr Aiso creates many horrific statues and sculptures similar to the well-known Momo.
Since it has been posted it has spread internationally, reported to have reached Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Europe, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, United States, Australia, New Zealand and many more countries worldwide.

So, is “Momo” really a threat?

Well, depending how you look at it the answer could vary. After all she is simply an urban legend built around an innocent art piece. But younger audiences may perceive it and the story around it differently.

Many children around the world have been threatened by this “creature” which has contacted them through several social media platforms the most popular being WhatsApp and YouTube kids.

Once it is in contact it will proceed to instruct the child to not repeat the name “Momo” and threatens if they do not follow instructions it will harm their family.

After months of it circulating the internet it has been debunked as a hoax, now merely an urban legend.

In response to all this Mr Aiso, the original creator of the sculpture, deconstructed it after he reported it was “rotting”.

He did this not only because the materials were decomposing, but also so that the kids would feel safer and at peace knowing this horrific monster has been laid to rest.

Now all that is left of “Mother Bird” is the disturbing image, etched into our memories forever.

Moewaka Dunster
Opotiki College