OPOTIKI’S Church Street public toilets, pictured above, will get a spruce-up in coming weeks, and eventually a total overhaul.

During the next two weeks, the toilets will be repainted from floor to ceiling, as well as receiving other cosmetic updates.

The facilities will be closed at 4pm over that period instead of the usual 5pm close time.

According to Opotiki District Council reserves manager Garry Page, the work will be done over evenings and the quieter parts of weekends to minimise inconvenience. He said the tidy-up was a stepping stone to a bigger revamp further down the line.

“Basically, a bit of a spruce-up while we plan for a major refurbishment.

“A major revamp is a more expensive process and we’ll need to go through public consultation as part of an annual plan to get the funding for that,” he said.

During the hours of closure for the Church Street toilets, the public toilets at Memorial Park Pavilion will still be open 24/7.