Photo James Sandbrook OA4701-24

TE RAITA Ngamoki models one of the 80 garments on show at Opotiki’s De Luxe Theatre on Saturday as part of the fashion show He Ora Whitau, or Fibre Creations.

All garments were made from scratch with natural fibres and products,
ranging from furs to driftwood, woven plant fibre and whale baleen.

OPOTIKI residents, and beyond, took to the De Luxe Theatre to appreciate an array of garments, all made from scratch with natural fibres on Saturday.

With two shows on the day, more than 80 garments were shown off, many created and modelled by students of weaver and tutor Roka Cameron.

“We’ve had nothing but positive feedback,” she said.

With about a dozen models on the night, outfits ranged from furs, collections of driftwood, woven plant fibres and even whale baleen.

“The models did really well, and the students worked so hard for the show,” said Ms Cameron.

“I’m proud of them all.”

Some weavers wore their own garments in the show, while others were shown off by models over the night.

The show was narrated by MC Kerry Cameron, who kept the models flowing on and off the stage and providing details and stories around the outfits.

Ms Cameron said that while the build up to the event had been busy and somewhat stressful, the day had gone smoothly and been enjoyed by all.

“We weren’t worried as long as everyone was having fun and enjoying themselves.”