SHARED KNOWLEDGE: Gina Ellwood and Adele Linsell share crochet tips. D8250-05

NEEDLES are clacking in Edgecumbe with the start of fortnightly knitting and crochet classes.

The Tuesday morning classes run by the Edgecumbe Women’s Institute provide an opportunity for Eastern Bay residents to socialise, learn new skills and, in the case of experienced knitters and crocheters, share their knowledge.

Diane Harvey from the Edgecumbe Women’s Institute says every so often the institute’s national body gives its branches a cause.

“One of our causes was to teach a skill so we decided we would make this knitting and crocheting to teach all our people that want to learn, because you often get people saying ‘I’d like to learn’. A lot of people aren’t taught these days.”

Thirteen people turned up for the first session on March 19, a mix of beginners and seasoned wool crafters, ranging in age from young mums to older people.

“There was a mixture, which was handy because then we could have one-on-one for those that were learning.”

She says they intend to keep the classes going every fortnight. “We are going to turn it into a knit and crochet ‘natter’. If you know how to knit, come along and join us and have a coffee with us. And if not, come along and learn and we will teach you.”

The next class is from 10am to noon on April 2 at the Lions Reading Room at the Edgecumbe Library.

For more information contact Diane on 07 3048097.


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