Making great strides


HARRY Eden is a 94-gram weka chick, sex as yet undetermined.

Adoptive mother Dido Eden says Harry’s biggest feature is his “absolute fearlessness”.

“He is oblivious to how vulnerable he is,” she said.

His second-biggest feature are his feet, which he uses to propel himself on an endless excursion of exploration once he’s outside his cage.

“The cage also protects him from the dogs, which we lock outside when Harry is out,” Ms Eden said.

Both Ms Eden and her partner Grant Fraser are involved with Opotiki Bird Rescue, even if

Ms Eden is taking a background role at the moment.

“That’s where we got Harry from,” she said.

DINNER TIME: Harry Eden enjoys eating, running around and making great poos. OS0009-02

“We’re always looking for more volunteers.”

Ms Eden said Opotiki Bird Rescue was taking in about one bird per month, and that the prognosis wasn’t great in most cases.

“Birds have a feeding tube next to their air tube, and hand-feeding them is a challenging task,” she said.

As Harry was able to eat by himself, his prognosis was far better than average.

“We feed him a mix of porridge and insects,” his “mother” said.

“We’ll keep him until he is big enough to fend for himself, possibly farming him off to someone who has no dogs for a period.”