JAMIE and Grant Lowe are pleased with the Husqvarna recognition. Photos Sven Carlsson OS0008-01

OPOTIKI firm Lowes Hire and Engineering has been recognised for its outstanding excellence.

Husqvarna area manager Tim Kilkolly said the Opotiki business had racked up some impressive sales during 2018, well above what it had done in the years before.

“It’s not just sales, but they ticked all the boxes,” he said.

“They are a good, family-oriented business.”

Grant Lowe said it was the first time the business had won the award.

BATTERY-powered lawn mowers are becoming a huge success Jamie Lowe says. OS0008-02

He said Husqvarna, a Swedish company, had products that benefited from good technological research.

“We sell big, ride-on Hus-qvarna mowers with a screw conveyor that pushes the grass up into the collector. It works even when it rains.”

Jamie Lowe said Husqvarna also had a full range of battery-driven chainsaws, leaf blowers, weed-eaters and similar garden products.

“We also sell their battery-powered push mowers, which are very quiet and have four speeds,” he said.

“They are quiet and better for the neighbours.”

Another benefit is that servicing spark plugs and air filters is no longer required.

Mr Lowe said the battery-powered lawn mowers were typically used for smaller lawns.

“The battery-powered mowers have a run time of 30 to 40
minutes,” he said.

“They are a huge success.”