LAST Saturday marked the anniversary of the Edgecumbe earthquake.
For many people, memories of that fateful day – March 2, 1987 – remain strong.

Some will be holding onto physical reminders in the form of photographs and news clippings.

When clearing out the cupboards of his parents’ home in Olympic Drive, Bruce Taylor found two such mementos.

Maureen and the late Bruce Taylor had all sorts of items of interest stashed away from that time including a telegram they received from friends in San Francisco asking if they were okay, and a copy of a newspaper story that greatly exaggerated the drama.

The clipping from the San Franciscan paper told of three towns being destroyed and a 10-foot crevice more than a mile long opening in one area.

Civil defence officials are reported as saying one elderly man died of a heart attack, two people were reported missing and dozens of others were injured.

Ninety five percent of the houses in Whakatane, Kawerau and Edgecumb (spelt without the ‘e’) were said to be uninhabitable with many being knocked off their piles and split in the middle.