WATER SCIENCE: Junior hydrologists Aiden Cossill and Kahi Abraham find a good way of filling a hole with water. Aiden manages the end of the hose while Kahi pours water into a funnel at the top end. Photos Sven Carlsson OS0012-04/05/06

CHILDREN and adults alike had a chance to escape the classroom and explore the outdoors at Te Ahiaua Reserve, Waiotahe on Tuesday.

Eastbay REAP held the Tiakina o Tatuo Moana – Care for our Seas – event as part of Seaweek activities.

REAP early childhood co-ordinator Sheryl Semmens says 90 children attended and, among other things, they learned about the dangerous impact plastic has on the ocean.

“We need to control the use of plastics,” she says. “Last year, there were 30,000 plastic bags used per week in Whakatane alone.”

She says while the ban on single-use plastic bags is a good step forward, there are many items still being needlessly packaged in plastic, which often ends up in the ocean.

“Birds and whales end up eating the plastics,” Sheryl says. “It’s our kaimoana and we need to start now to safeguard it for future generations.”



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