TWO IS ENOUGH: Lee and Logan Baxter have opted to go to different high schools this year. Photo Troy Baker D8076-15

TEACHERS at Whakatane’s two high schools can breathe a sigh of relief … or can they?

Identical twins Logan and Lee Baxter have been causing havoc for years at their previous schools – swapping classes, giving their brother’s name when in trouble, or using each other as alibis.

But this year the two 13-year-olds have decided to go to different schools. Logan is at Trident High School and Lee is at Whakatane High School.

Mum, Liz Bregmen, admits the pair are well known as being a little mischievous.

Logan said he chose Trident because he reckoned the school had better sporting options for him and he had more friends going there. And also because his brother wasn’t going there.
Lee had similar reason, including that Logan was “annoying”.

“I’m into all sports, basketball, touch, rugby, ripper rugby, cross-fit and surfing,” said Logan.

He said the science experiments being conducted at Trident during the open day last year also drew him to the school.

“They were adamant from last year they would go to different schools,” said Ms Bregmen, who works at Trident, “And I kept asking them, thinking they would change their mind as it would be easier having them at one school.”

But Ms Bregmen said it was also a good thing because they would now have the chance to develop more as individuals, having always just been known as “the twins.”

Logan and Lee said they enjoyed pranking teachers and their friends, swapping classes and claiming to be the other brother to confuse friends.

Lee has similar interests to Logan and likes fishing, riding bikes and food technology at Whakatane High School. His mum said he was probably the sportier of the two boys. “He thinks he is,” said Logan.

Ms Bregmen said there was never a dull day with the twins. “They are just boy’s boys, there are calls about little stuff, no major stuff.

“Lee is a bit more mischievous, he has gone to Whakatane but I should have made him come to Trident so I can keep an eye on him.”

So, no more swapping classes?

“Well,” said their mum. “Lee has already said he would like to have a go at Trident, and they will just swap uniforms No doubt they will.”