SUPPORT: Anti-P Ministry member and hikoi organiser Darnell Rumbal knows methamphetamine is prevalent in Kawerau and believes there is lot of work to do to eradicate the problem. Photo Troy Baker D8036-05

THE Anti-P Ministry will host its first March Against Meth in Kawerau this weekend.

The hikoi will start at the Ron Hardie Recreational Centre on Saturday at 10am and will include marching through Kawerau streets and the town centre, ending at Prideaux Park.

Organiser Darnell Rumbal said a free sausage sizzle and drinks would be available at the park when the hikoi commenced.

The Anti-P Ministry has been operative in Kawerau for four months and offered a walk-in service for people who wanted support to stop using, or support friends or family with a methamphetamine addiction.

The Kawerau service is one of several grassroots groups under the Anti-P Ministry’s umbrella.

The ministry was founded by Brendan Warne in 2007 with a mission to offer education and support through an online Facebook group, community walk-ins and resources that enable anyone affected by methamphetamine to receive help.

Ms Rumbal said since the ministry’s establishment at Kawerau, she has received positive feedback from the community.

“The community just love us,” she said.

“We know methamphetamine is prevalent here. In small towns, it’s really prevalent.

“It’s everywhere and we still have heaps of work to do here in Kawerau.”

The purpose of the hikoi was to highlight the issues that are created from the use and manufacture of methamphetamine.

With other towns hosting their own hikoi, Ms Rumbal said community members asked if there would be one in Kawerau.

When they kept asking, she organised the March Against Meth.

“It’s a way that gets everyone together and gets the awareness out there that we are here.

“It’s a great way to interact with the community as well.”

As a recovering addict, Ms Rumbal said the support the Anti-P Ministry offered was “coming from recovering addicts who have walked that walk”.

She said Mr Warne would join the march, as would other Anti-P Ministry members from around the country to support the Kawerau group.

The hikoi has been supported by Kawerau businesses offering food, water and help.

At Prideaux Park, following the walk, Mr Warne will be a guest speaker and educational resources and support information will be available.