ON Friday afternoon this car left the road near the intersection of SH2 and Ohiwa Beach Road. Photo Sven Carlsson OB4585-01

OPOTIKI police say falling asleep at the wheel and suspected alcohol impairment were the factors behind two cars leaving road at the same spot last week.

Opotiki police Sergeant Mike Mackenzie said that on Friday afternoon, a car driven by an elderly woman had crashed into a paddock after the woman fell asleep at the wheel.

The 2.18pm crash took place at the t-intersection between SH2 and Ohiwa Beach Road.
It’s understood the woman was not seriously injured.

On Saturday evening, a couple of hundred metres closer to Opotiki, another car left the road at about 9.20pm.

Mr Mackenzie said the female driver had been processed for drink driving following the crash.

St John Ambulance territory manager Richard Waterson said a 31-year-old woman and her five-year-old daughter had both been transported to hospital.

“The woman was knocked out in the crash and could not remember what had happened,” he said.

“The five-year-old had a bloodied nose and was able to get out of the vehicle by herself.”

Both had suffered minor injuries but were taken to Whakatane Hospital as a precaution.