Lead role for Maia

MODERN TWIST: After relocating from Whakatane to Tauranga to pursue her passion for hip-hop dancing, Maia de Bruin has the lead role in a street dance version of Annie. Photo supplied

FORMER Whakatane hip-hop dancer Maia de Bruin is very excited to have landed the lead role in the street dance version of classic tale Annie.

The production is being put on by Urban Dance at Baycourt Theatre in Tauranga from December 10-11.

‘I am very excited; this is a great opportunity to have for my dancing and to upskill,” says Maia.

“I am going to give it my best shot.”

The show is a street dance performance, inspired by the rags-to-riches tale and will showcase 150 dancers from the Urban Dance studios.

The story focuses on Annie, a foster child who lives with her mean foster mom but sees her life change when music icon Will Stacks takes her under his wing.

Maia is putting in 21 to 28 hours of training a week. “That is including all my classes and Saturday and Sunday training.”

The 14-year-old previously danced for Steps Dance School in Whakatane, but last year joined Urban Dance.

Her mum, Kathryn de Bruin, says Maia joined Urban Dance while they still lived in Whakatane, which meant a lot of travelling to get the teen to training in Tauranga.

“Last year I clocked 20,000 kilometres,” she says.

The family decided to move to Tauranga in January, which has made it easier. Maia is in year 10 at Tauranga Girls High School.

Maia says it is thanks to her mum she is able to dance.

“My mum is my biggest supporter; she always comes to everything and drives me everywhere, and I love her for that. She is just amazing; she sorts everything out and she makes sure I seize every opportunity.”

Maia admits with all the dancing she does not have much time for socialising.

“But school comes first, I always get that done, and there is not really time for anything else.”


  • Where:
    Addison Theatre, Baycourt
  • When:
    December 10-11
  • Tickets:
    Children $15, adults $20 through Ticketek