RICHELLE Herrick pours a fresh batch of runny honey. Photos James Sandbrook OB4587-01

THE Honey Shop Opotiki is aiming to provide treats, plastic alternatives and affordable natural items, all sourced from the Opotiki district.

Started a few months ago by Opotiki beekeepers Ineke Schoneveld and Tony Herrick, their goal was to provide cheap on-tap honey to Opotiki residents.

With their signature “runny honey”, selling at $12 per kilogram, buyers can bring their own jar to be filled directly from the all-natural honey reserves.

“We’re trying to promote re-using, instead of using plastic jars,” Richelle Herrick said, who is managing the shop over summer while home from university.

WITH a variety of all-natural honey and products, the Honey Shop Opotiki has something for everyone. OB4587-02

“All of our honey is from the Coast, or the Waiotahe area, and it’s all natural with nothing added.”

Alongside this, the shop also stocks pre-packed honey and honey products such as wax, candles, honeycomb and more.

With sealed and labelled jars required for overseas transport, this means visitors from abroad can take a few jars home.

Keeping in theme with reusing and reducing waste, the shop also stocks beeswax wraps, a useful alternative to plastic wraps.

“You can wrap all your food or dishes in it, and they’re good for the environment because you can just wash and reuse them,” Ms Herrick said.