YEAR 10 students at Trident High School have enjoyed experiences of a lifetime at their end-of-the-year camps.

The camps included a Taupo adventure, where students went white water rafting and paintballing and visited a prawn farm; an Auckland City Experience, where they got to see a variety of the city’s attractions, a football tour in Wellington, fishing, biking, tramping and more on the Coromandel Experience and a Cruisy Biking Day Camp.

Students could also take part in a home-based adventure packed with camping, swimming and tramping, or visit the Abel Tasman Coast Track where they fished, camped, tramped and swam.

Teacher Alex Dillon says students crossed estuaries, climbed awesome tracks and kayaked on the open ocean the four-day trip to the Abel Tasman National Park.

“An absolute highlight of the trip was to kayak head-on into awesome swells and have a front row seat to a herd of seals playing in the ocean.”

Deputy principal in charge of education outside the classroom Mike Webster says the year 10 Outdoor Education or Camp Week is one of the foremost events that students look forward to and they create memories that last a lifetime.

“One of the core values of Trident High School is kia manawa nui, which is connected with having courage. One aspect of courage is to have the confidence to try a new activity or meet a challenge head on and gain something from that experience,” he says.

“The camp week provides a smorgasbord of camps where the students can choose the one that interests them the most. Each student gets the opportunity to seek new experiences that extend beyond the classroom and do so either with their friends or by creating new friendships.”

He says the aim is to provide an opportunity to do something different – “the opportunity and chance to show courage to get outside an individual’s comfort zone to try exciting and challenging activities”.

“To take this chance means the person will gain many rewards such as the confidence to have a go without worrying about the outcome, meeting new people through the shared experience of doing something challenging or finding a passion that sets them on a pathway of lifelong involvement and meaning.”

SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE: White water rafting, surfing, kayaking and rock climbing were just some of the activities available at the various school camps.