AN army of soldier crabs arrive to sort out problems. Photos Sven Carlsson OB4580-07

ASHBROOK School is today telling the second part of The Sign of the Seahorse.

The dramatic underwater tale was written by school principal Richard Mitai, who said part one was produced by the school back in 2007.

“This is the curriculum coming alive,” he said.

“We have done several other shows in between.”

Featuring plenty of colour and a wide variety of fishy costumes, the show will run three times today.

The first two shows are for the school while the third is for whanau and the public.

The public show starts at 7pm.

Mr Mitai said a “massive collective effort” lay behind the colourful spectacle.

“Staff and the extended whanau have been working after hours and during weekends,” he said.

“The production has been well supported by sponsors.”