IN BLOOM: Yvonne Lambert’s Edgecumbe property had to be completely replanted after the 2017 flood. This year it placed second for Best Rural Garden. Photos supplied

LEONIE and Dave Sheaff of Ohope’s West End have won Best Overall Garden in Pride Whakatane’s annual garden competition.

Competition organiser Dianne Yeoman says the enthusiasm among the gardeners visited this year by the judges is lovely to see.

The Best Junior Garden was won by Henry van den Brock, while Trident High School scooped the Best School Garden. “Children are also taking a great interest in planting their own vegetables and flower gardens and creating their own little patch.”

Dianne says she is also amazed by some gardens. Winner of the Most Imaginative Garden is Margaret Fenton, who has created a fantasy world in her garden.

“It was one of the most interesting gardens I have ever judged. Margaret is amazing; she has done all the art and creations in this garden and the garden has a real history to it.”

Margaret’s garden will be featured in next week’s Eastern Bay Life.

Yvonne Lambert placed second for Best Rural Garden. “Yvonne’s garden in Edgecumbe is a real credit to her. She told me just about everything you see planted in her garden has been done within two years. Yvonne’s home and garden were damaged by the Edgecumbe flood, leaving her home and garden devastated by 1.5 metres of flood water.

“Being the dedicated gardener that Yvonne is, she never let this destruction destroy her. She pulled her sleeves up and said, ‘I am going to make my garden better than ever’, and by crikey she has.”

Werahika Place won Best Street in the competition.

garden competition winners

Best pre-school garden: 1 Coastlands, 2 Ohope Beach Montesorri; class two – best junior garden: 1 Henry Vanden Brock, 2 Amelia MacKenzie, 3 Elise and Emily Gardyne; class three – best school garden: 1 Trident High School, 2 Thornton school.
Garden of retired couple: 1 Joy and John Horsburgh, 2 Lois and Noel Davies; 3 Gail and John Anderson; class five – one income family: 1 Floyd family, 2 Lyn Hickey, 3 Jude Fairbrother; class six – garden of a working couple: 1 Dot and Jeff Basher, 2 Heather MacKenzie, 3 Andy and Carol Stretton.

Best NZ natives: 1 Miria and Taroi Black, 2 Ray Taylor, 3 Chantal Vanderlinden; class eight – best garden at a business: 1 Wendy Kingsbury, 2 Blueberry Corner, 3 Miria and Taroi Black.
Garden of a solo person: 1 Carol Gee, 2nd= Maria Olifiers, Anne Murdoch, 3 Christina Vierboom; class 10 – new garden under two years: 1 Anne Murdoch, 2 Lyn Hickey, 3 Bev Fisk; class 11 -best vegetable garden: 1 Roy and Mary Winters, 2 Bronco McIntosh, 3 Russell and Dianne Milne.

Best street: Werahika Place

Best garden from the road: 1 Bob Byrnes and Gaye Murphy, 2 Bob and Eve “Peloha Cottage”, 3 Lee and Earl Schlichting; class 14 – most imaginative garden (and photogenic): 1 Margaret Fenton, 2 Helen McKay, 3rd= Emily and Elise Gardyne, Maria Olifier.

Strictly potty best garden containers: 1 Brigitta Simpson, 2 Claire Farelley, 3rd Lee and Earl Schlichting, Blueberry Corner; class 16 – Alfresco outdoor dining: 1 Brigitta Simpson, 2 Tania Mischefski, 3 Francie and John Clegg.

Courtyard patio garden: 1 Brigitta Simpson, 2 Joy and John Horsburgh, 3rd= Grant and Rachel Hughes, Bob and Eve “Peloha Cottage”; class 18 – best town garden: 1 Carol Gee, 2 Gail and John Anderson, 3 Grant and Rachel Hughes.

Best rural garden: 1 Kim Vanden Brock, 2 Yvonne Lambert, 3rd= Heather MacKenzie, Lois and Noel Davies.

Best overall garden: 1 Leonie and Dave Sheaff, 2 Dot ande Jeff Bosher; class 21 – most prestigious garden: 1 Bev and Hilton Fothergill, 2 John and Francie Clegg, 3 Bob Byrne and Gaye Murphy; class 22 – best window view from the street: 1 Presentables.

Supreme awards: chosen by the judges – Town: Leonie and Dave Sheaff; country: Brigitta Simpson.