Photo Troy Baker D1989-12

ONE hundred years ago on the 11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month, World War I came to an end.

Commemorations to honour the armistice centenary will take place around the Eastern Bay on Sunday.

Ruatoki RSA will host the Waimana Armistice Commemoration at Piripari Marae at 10.45am, honouring the 77 Tuhoe soldiers who lost their lives in unknown lands between 1914 and 1918.

RSA chairman Hemana Waaka said they would be gathering to pay tribute to the Tuhoe soldiers’ sacrifices and the loss of their comrades from other hapu and iwi.

“It is our duty to ensure their bravery in battle shall never be forgotten and that their memory serves to us a timely reminder that they did not serve their whanau, their marae and their hapu in vain but [showed] heroism not only overseas but to their loved ones here looking after the small piece of land they knew as Te Urewera.”

In Whakatane, Armistice Day will be celebrated with a commemoration parade from 9.30am at Mitchell Park.

The event is an opportunity for the families and public to acknowledge the 67 soldiers from Whakatane who gave their lives during the war.

In Opotiki, commemorations begin with a church service at 9am before assembly at the cenotaph at 10.30am.