PAHEMATA Anderson quickly goes after the ball in Hikarukutai’s game against Omarumutu on Saturday. Photos Troy Baker D7625-037

WAIOWEKA could not be beaten on the court, going undefeated at last weekend’s Muriwai Tournament.

Waioweka dominated the netball for a second year thanks to the inclusion of representative players Monica Faulkner and Simmon Howe in their team. They took the trophy on points after showing themselves clear leaders in the competition.

Meanwhile, in the rugby, Omaramutu won back-to-back titles after defeating Waioweka in the final 17-10.

The annual sporting tournament run by the Ngai Tamahaua Hapu is now in its 36th year and brings whanau together with the Muriwai connection extending across the Eastern Bay and beyond.

Competitors of all ages represented their marae in netball, basketball, rugby, pool and darts.

In today’s Opotiki News we feature photos from the netball and the pool competition, which was won by the Omarumutu combination of Rip Morgan and Massey Te Pairi.