A LOT of careful planning goes into building a newspaper house. Photos James Sandbrook OB4501-02

OPOTIKI College’s third holiday programme this year is under way for the holidays.

In collaboration with Whakatohea Maori Trust Board, 40 students have been placed into four teams, each with an adult team leader.

This time the programme is focused on developing students’ appreciation for all things, said team leader Keri-Marie Impey.

“Whether it’s appreciating the work their teachers do, or each other’s talents, or the place they live,” she said.

Opotiki College teacher Allison Waller joined the teams to see how they were doing on Tuesday, and said she was impressed with what she saw.

“It looks like it’s going really, really well.”

“They’re making some amazing connections through this programme.”

Over the week, the students have made team flags, been fishing, erected stable structures made only of newspaper, and other activities.

Today, the crew is headed to Maketu Marae and Tauranga for an overnight trip, ending off their programme with a bang.