Dog attack investigation


OPOTIKI man Ray Tamati has again been attacked by a dog in a public place.

Mr Tamati said he had gone down to the Otara River for a swim between 1pm and 2pm on Labour Day.

“A small dog came running,” he said. “I thought it was going for the ducks, but it attacked me.”

Having suffered a puncture wound to his leg, Mr Tamati took himself to the Opotiki Community Health Centre so he could have the leg seen to.

“A young boy was also attacked by the roaming dog,” he said.

“I have reported it to the council.”

In September of 2015, Mr Tamati was the victim of a serious dog attack that injured him and damaged his mobility scooter.

Opotiki District Council planning and regulatory group manager Gerard McCormack said the council was investigating two separate dog attacks that occurred during Labour weekend.

“One relates to a gentleman who was bitten close to a river, but where the dog ran off and a positive identification of it has yet to be made,” he said.

The other attack was more serious, with a young boy having been bitten twice, once on the hand and once on the arm, while walking past a house in the Opotiki township.

“The dog is known to us, having recently being classified as menacing and de-sexed under the free de-sexing programme,” Mr McCormack said.

“The dog is currently being held in the pound whilst officers continue to investigate the circumstances of the attack before a decision is taken on what action to take.”