NO PET CEMETERY: The remains of a pet named George were found around the Ohiwa harbour over the long weekend. Photo Troy Baker D7714-06

A FAVOURITE pet’s cremated remains were discovered at Ohiwa over Labour Weekend when a group of residents visited the oyster farm.

An Eastern Bay resident, who asked not to be named, said he and a group of six others were taking a walk near the farm on Monday when they found a small urn with the ashes of a pet inside.

The urn is a 70cm x 80cm x 100cm wooden box with a plaque saying; ‘George 18-12-2001’. The condition of the wood does not bespeak of it being left there for as long as the 17-year gap as it is not rotted nor worn.

A stamp on the bottom of the urn said it came from Mount Maunganui’s Bay of Plenty Pet Cremations.

Owner Mike Seymour volunteered to look through his files to see if he could name the pet’s owner.

“I found George in my records of cremations, but I couldn’t find the actual form. I know George was cremated on 21st of December 2001 but I have no surname,” he said.

He tried to find mention of the animal through other means.

“I looked through my computer to find accounts from the (veterinary) clinics over there but they only go back to 2011,” he said.

He said he would have liked to search his paper records but suspected it would take the better part of a day to go through the stored files.

The Opotiki News is keen to reunite the ashes with their owner. To claim George, contact Mark Rieder at (07) 308-8129 ext 856 during regular business hours.