JACQUELINE and Tyla Kingi pitch teepees for a teenage girls’ party. Photo Mark Rieder D7572-07Photo Mark Rieder D7572-07

CREATING an atmosphere of genteel old west charm mixed with modern food and games is a specialty for party makers Tyla Kingi and Jacqueline Hayes.

The mother and daughter started their new business, Kiwiz Teepeez, for young people to celebrate milestones in a decidedly unique and unforgettable manner.

“Me and my daughter love setting up birthday parties and special occasions for the family and accumulated a lot of gear,” Mrs Hayes said.

The pair discovered the idea for their parties while looking for a tepee cake tin design online.

“We found out teepee parties are huge in Australia and New Zealand but no one was doing them in the Eastern Bay,” she said.

The two wasted no time and used their extensive collection of party equipment to begin the part-time business.

Mrs Hayes said they were able to provide a selection of themes for their parties.

“We have a unicorn theme – all little girls love unicorns. We set up teddy bears and plush cushions with special lighting, dream catchers and bunting – just set the theme for them,” she said.

“The one that people book the most is the pamper party. They get mini makeovers along with makeup, toe and nail polish.

“It comes with sparkling grape juice and plastic wine flutes.”

Boys can experience their own version of the parties.

“We have a safari theme for boys. It’s set up like a campsite,” she said.

“Then we have a pirate theme.”

Their parties have captured the imagination of their adult friends as well.

“A lot of my older friends ask, ‘well, where’s our party’,” she said.

This sparked the two to consider a special event for adults.

“If it all works well, I think I’ll organise what I’d call a posh picnic for the summertime,” she said.

They have a selection of candy they provide as an extra but otherwise they do not cater their parties. Mrs Kingi said if they chose to diversify into adult parties, they would add a larger food selection at that time.